Monday, December 13, 2010

This weekend I watched Troll 2. It's known as one of the best worst movies of all time. So bad, it's great kind of thing.


First of all it's called Troll 2 not because it's the sequel to Troll but because another movie named Troll came out and had some kind of mediocre success and the filmmakers wanted to capitalize on that, despite their movie being about GOBLINS (or kids/midgets in bad Halloween masks as seen to the left). You are dealing with genius here.

It's not enough that there are Goblins in this town called Nilbog (Goblin spelled backwards - what!?). And it's not enough that these Goblins do a housing exchange program to get a family to come to their town so they can eat them. Oh no, these Goblins are vegetarians and they make people eat these big puffy green treats while they are disguised as humans with clover shaped birth marks. Once you eat these treats you morph into a plant so they can eat you. AKA have green food dye poured on your head.

Other personal highlights include (SPOILER ALERT):

1. The semi period piece opening of this Robin Hood like fellow being chased by these "Goblins" through the words to 80s movie montage music. Am I supposed to be scared?

2. A corn on the cob makeout scene where popcorn appears and buries the dude so much so that at the end he's covered in it and mumbles, "no more popcorn."

3. At one point the dad gets pissed at his son for not eating the goblin food and basically challenges him to a hunger strike claiming if he wants to go head to head with him he's got another thing coming because he has more experience with hunger pains from growing up and will tighten his belt to deal with the pain. Next morning, they are getting along fine. Bi-polar dad! Yaye!

4. There is a Stonehenge magical stone that wields, you guessed it, the goblins' magical power!

5, This woman's acting:

Deborah Reed is now on my radar.

Needless to say I loved every impossibly bad second of this and highly recommend. In some ways it's very inspiring to know someone wrote this whole thing down, convinced people to "act" in it, got a crew and money together and shot it. If THIS gets made, I actually might have a shot...

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Chaia Milstein said...

BEST WORST MOVIE is now at the top of my Netflix queue...just sayin.